Brought Horse and then she was sold to someone else?



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5/04/2021 1:56 am

I brought this mare from the sales and then she disappeared from my barn only for me to find her owned by someone else and was brought in auction I thought horses shouldnt be allowed to be sold in both sales at a time The Horse So how do I go about getting her back as I do want her back

5/04/2021 8:17 am

Misty Morn


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Another player and I just went thru' this.

It's a known bug.

Message a Mod about it as they will see a message quicker than a post here.

5/04/2021 8:19 am



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Looks like this was part of the auction bug. Should be all fixed now!

5/04/2021 11:16 am



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The same thing happened to me and Misty Morn

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5/04/2021 9:40 pm



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Thank you guys so much

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