Bug Fixes! :O

Bug Fixes! :O



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7/15/2019 1:16 pm

Lots of bugs after the update! Here are some fixes.

List of Fixes

  • Fixed credit purchases. Whew, that was an important one.

  • Aging and show resetting should now be fixed (another biggy!). I've run the cron manually today.

  • Stable tabs should now open and collapse individually.

  • You should now be able to edit tabs again. This link will probably move to a tab management page that will include reordering at some point.

  • Training centers should no longer appear closed to the public.

  • Training centers should also get disciplines for horses now.

  • Pagination has been removed from the tables.

  • Bank page now only shows 10 transactions again. Added in paging on the transactions page to make it more viewable.

  • Added back in ribbon placements to horse pages.

  • Fixed custom images - you should now be able to only enter the URL. Also fixed the sizing on these.

  • Fixed the order on the finances page.

I'm looking into the rest of the bugs and suggestion list. Also looking into why Discord suddenly decided not to work.

Thanks for your patience and help with bug hunting! :D

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