Suggestions Additions and Subtractions of Bugs!

Suggestions Additions and Subtractions of Bugs!



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7/17/2019 8:49 pm

Happy 3 days until launch!

Todays Fixes:

  • Removed ability train horses without having the correct training areas at your own stable

  • Locked down training centers where if you directly visited the link, it won't let you use it if it's not "active" (the owner hasn't been online in the last hour)


  • Placed current feed beside buying feed option

  • PS updates as you train on the page

  • Removed the 3-5 day options in show creation

  • The train all now shows discipline level beside each discipline

  • Breed now shows in breeding dropdown on horse page

  • When selecting boarding, there is now a message to select disciplines first. This should automatically allow you to select boarding once a discipline is selected.

  • Moved level to own column on stable page

  • Reordered show results page to show newest first

  • Moved save button to top of horses management page

  • Removed “Viewing” and “Editing” from horse name

  • Horse name now shows on browser tab

Thank you all for the great suggestions! Keep 'em coming!

7/17/2019 9:16 pm



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Not sure if I'm putting this in the right place, but I just had issues when trying to use another player's stud. I tried with multiple mares but the "sorry, it takes two to tango" error message keeps popping up. I even tried with different studs.

7/18/2019 12:16 am



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Found a bug! When I tried to train at a community training center, it said that the center didn't have the right facilities, even though it did. 
7/18/2019 4:04 am



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I have tried for multiple days but for some reason I still can not purchase credits, I go through the whole process but when it's supposedly complete I'm brought to a blank page and nothing shows up in the history on here and paypal that such a transaction had ever happened.

I is for Iberian

7/18/2019 11:40 am



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Credit purchases have been fixed and tested. I'll be looking into the other issues later today.

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